Forage cereals

  • Triticale


    Autumn sowing, used not only for grain production but also for the formation of pure forage crops or inter-cropping. Ideal for silage production; it can also be used for winter pasture.
      • Frumento.Augustus.2

        Forage wheat

        A good wheat for fodder use must match a higher size than average in order to ensure good yields with leafiness and health of plant.

      • Christelle.1


        The barley, mainly used for the production of grain, it is also used for the fodder production, in particular silage, grazing and in some locations also for green fodder.

  • Avena


    Species to be sown in the autumn or spring, used pure or for forming forage crops for inter-cropping with leguminous and graminaceous plants. In addition to grain, it is also used for winter pasture or silage.
  • Avena Forestiera

    Strigosa oats

    Strigosa oats is a species that adapts well to inclusion in forage crops due to its high productivity and hardiness.
  • Segale


    Autumn sowing species to be used alone or with inter-cropping, very early, demands little and therefore suitable to even marginal soils. Withstands cold winters and drought very well and demands very little in the way of nourishment.