Summer species

  • Sorghi da Foraggio

    Forage sorghum

    The real strength of sorghum likes in its physiological adaptation to warm climates and those tending towards the arid, which makes it unequalled in crops with low agronomic input, in the most varied environmental and climate conditions…
  • Miglio Perlato

    Pearl Millet

    This species originates from hot, dry areas of the sub-tropical band. Harvested prior to heading, it can provide great masses of forage with excellent quality features in terms of its palatability and protein content…
  • Sorgo da Granella

    Grain Sorghum

    Very important crop in some areas of Italy, today it is gaining favour amongst farmers of other areas. The reasons lie in the production capacity of sorghum with very little agronomic input (less irrigation, fewer seeds, less fertiliser)…
  • Panico

    Foxtail Millet

    Annual graminaceous plant with a spring-summer vegetative cycle, often used as a second crop (after a winter crop) to produce hay in a single, abundant harvest.