“Every day we prepare tomorrow” in addition to being the slogan of Padana Sementi Elette, is our way of living the company every day on providing products and services of superior quality.

Padana Sementi Elette was founded in the early 20th century as a family-run business by one of the first families active in seed sales in the North-east Italy: the family Frigo.

Initially, works and markets forage seed to the local farmers, and is distinguished for its products and services.

After the second world war, with need of crops able to get big production in the Po Valley, started our business expansion across North Italy.

The real business growth, occurred in the last 30 years, where, along with seeds for agriculture, has developed the demand for products for other sectors, such as:

  • Turf seeds for private and public garden;
  • Composites and simple feed  for small animals;

The Agriculture sector is still our core business, was still representing 60% of the total sales of Padana Sementi Elette.

The  success increasing rewards our daily work: in all sectors where we operate we differentiate ourselves from the competition for the methodology and philosophy that we apply, which can be summarized in the following 10 points:

1. Research. An important research program is carried on every year, thanks also to the collaboration with Universities, research centers, technical advisers, in our experimental fields with the aim to select varieties with the best morpho-phisiological traits. This work is judged strategic for the final result, even if it engages the company both in financial resources and in time committed. To this day, the cultivar that we listed in the “Common catalogue of varieties” are 12, and several for which the registration process is currently underway.

2. Quality control. To obtain high qualitative standards, our main objective, systematic and strict controls are required in each step of productive processes. For us, controls are a normal routine, not an exception, imposed by a particular need or provisional emergencies. To improve this task, we carried out a quality control system that does not allow errors and permit to guarantee that all seeds that leave our warehouse exceed the minimum standards required by law. In this control system, our seed analysis laboratory and the qualified staff (accredited by C.R.A.-S.C.S. – ex E.N.S.E.), play the main role.

3. Certifications.  In addition to the C.R.A.-S.C.S. and OECD certification, as prescribed by European and international rules for seed trading, we adopt further control tools. For this reason we are nowadays the only Italian forage seed company that carry out the certified management system ISO 9001.

4. Technology. Even in our productive processes, we search for innovation. A recent example is represented by new machinery (a multi blade horizontal mixing system) for mixing turfgrass seeds: this technology allows an absolute absence of contamination of seeds between subsequent mixtures and a great uniformity of components from the first to the last bag produced.

5. Events. We always offer to our loyal or potential customers the opportunity to know personally our products in events proposed by our staff. Our field-day and technical seminars are also useful and precious opportunities of meeting and exchange experiences.

6. Partnership. In order to offer always the best cultivars, we built during years many partnerships with Italian and foreign public organizations and private companies. In this way we are able to get new varieties to test in our experimental program and only those that show the best performances are included in our product catalogue. We mention some of our main trading partners: Jacklin Seed, Columbia Seeds, Turf Merchants, Douglass King Co. and Cal/West Seeds from USA, Saatbau Linz from Austria, Seedmark and Pacific Seed from Australia, Joordens and Barenbrug from Netherlands, Svalof-Weibulls from Sweden, DLF from Denmark, Feldsaaten Freudenberger from Germany.

7. Seed Production. Seeds of our varieties, or of varieties we have an exclusivity agreement, are multiplied under our control (directly or indirectly) in Italy and abroad. In the course of years, Padana Sementi Elette was able to build up a foreground productive network both for quality and reliability, reducing any possible productive risk by means of sowing our fields in many different Countries: Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Argentina, and Oregon (USA). This makes our offering more flexible and competitive and allows to share in a better way our sales volume in all seasons. In our warehouse in Tombolo, seeds are cleaned and/or mixed, depending on different types and use: all this is carried out under accurate control of C.R.A.-S.C.S.. Seeds are finally bagged in a modern, appealing, efficient packaging.

8. Sales.  We have an important dealer network, technically trained, engaged in offering our products and advising on the most suitable for each geographical area. All deliveries are made by means of our trucks or express courier: thanks to the efficient collaboration with some of the main transport companies , we are able to deliver in few days across all Italy, also in periods with the highest demand.

9. Customer Service and After Sale Service. We search for the highest quality of service, because customer satisfaction represent a central point of company’s mission. The respect of deadlines for delivery, the daily dialogue with our dealers, the supply of customized mixtures on demand, the information on the best use of different products, are all choices designed to give the best service to our customers. Furthermore the staff is always available for: technical support (both telephone support or, when needed, on site), organization of events for technical/commercial training of commercial partners of our customers.

10. Staff.  Last, but not least, it is right to talk about our staff. All our collaborators, from research to sales, from administration to production: a qualified assets of people, that carry out their duty with professionalism and commitment, sure to make the interests of the company and of their own team with the quality of their job. Together with the common commitment to achieve one goal: Total Quality!

The General Manager of Padana Sementi Elette s.r.l.

                                   Mauro Frigo